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A Partnership in Innovation & Recruitment Excellence

Empowering Indra's Global Tech Leadership with Precision Recruitment in Advanced Technologies


Indra, a global powerhouse in the fields of Digital Transformation Consultancy, Information Technologies, and proprietary solutions for Transport and Defence markets, operates across 140+ countries. This ambitious project necessitated the recruitment of multiple professionals across various niche skill sets, including AI & Cybersecurity, Cryptography, Avionic System Engineers, and Edge 5G Communications. The challenge was monumental, not only in the diversity of expertise required but in the scarcity of candidates — some skill sets were so niche that only 3-5 suitable candidates existed in all of Spain.

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25 placements

Over a six-month period

Our Results

Through this partnership, we have demonstrated that even the most challenging recruitment scenarios can be transformed into opportunities for innovation and growth. As Indra continues to lead in its respective markets, we are proud to stand alongside them, fueling their success with the very best in talent and recruitment strategy. Together, we are not just filling positions; we are shaping the future of defense, technology, and digital transformation on a global scale.

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