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Revolutionizing Tech Talent: A Hybrid Approach to Cost-Effective Solutions


We partnered with a leading semiconductor manufacturer boasting over 27,000 employees and $14 billion in 2021 revenue. With more than 40 contractors across Cloud, Data and Analytics, and Cyber Security, we've been collaborating for over a year. Initially, at their Austin, Texas HQ, the client shared challenges with their Azure migration and Data Science organization, previously outsourced at rates of $200-350/hour to major integrators. Preferring local US professionals due to unsatisfactory offshore experiences, they sought a more viable solution.

Skyscraper, modern building in the city with sunlight. Glass wal Skyscraper, modern building in the city with sunlight. Glass wal

40 resources successfully placed

Over the duration of the project

$6-9 million saved

Over a 12-month period

Our Success

In 10 weeks, the client onboarded 12 professionals in Azure Cloud Architecture, Data Engineering, and Data Science, growing to over 40 contractors. With 60% located in Eastern Europe and the rest across the US, we've significantly diversified their workforce. Over 12 months, our placements have saved the client between $6-9 million USD, showcasing substantial financial benefits alongside strategic workforce expansion.

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