Success for Nestlé Group

Revolutionizing Nestle's Digital Infrastructure: A Cloud-Native Journey with Azure and Data Lake


In our discussion, we explored the transformational strategy of leveraging serverless Azure and Data Lake to modernize applications for cloud-native capabilities. Additionally, we delved into how Data Lake and Azure serve as foundational elements in constructing a robust data platform. A prime illustration of implementing this initiative is our work with Nestle, where we are currently providing support to achieve these exact objectives.

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60 Resources

Successfully placed in total

38 Person

Azure DevOps Engineers team
built within two weeks


In just six weeks, we successfully placed 60 resources at Nestle, blending full-time employees (20%) and contractors (80%) under SOW agreements for two pivotal projects. Our first project saw legacy applications upgraded from 32-bit to 64-bit for Azure, completed in two weeks by teams from our bench and consultant network. The second project, delivered within four weeks, further showcased our rapid deployment and technical prowess in meeting Nestle's ambitious goals.

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